Authenthically ME!

By Angela Robertson 10/31/2020

Authentically Me

Let’s get real.  Let’s unmask and dive into authenticity. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Who Am I?” Not what the world sees or who they have trained me to be.  Have you ever had the desire and felt something deeper, more profound, and more significant within you?  How do you know who you are? Is there more to you than meets the “I”?


Many people live their entire lives without knowing who they are, never reaching their full potential.  We were created to live in purpose, leading to living your life in abundance. Not an abundance of financial wealth, but an internal richness that satisfies our inner desires for life.  The wealth of life cancels materialistic wants and satisfies our soul. The truth of the matter is most people live their lives according to what their environment has taught them.  Your hopes and dreams of becoming something are not meant to be an idea, theory, or concept, but a reality. Our world and the environment in which we live can condition our mind to believe our hopes and dreams are just a fantasy and can never be actuality.  


“You can never be this or that; you can only be this and that.”  Well, who’s to say – enough with the limits; your mindset can be transformed to unmask the negative wrong messaging received throughout the years and be reprocessed to reveal your authenticity.  


It is worth doing the work to discover your authentic self and be able to embrace the real you – the one who is begging to be revealed, the one who wishes to live life in purpose, and for purpose. Let’s do the work to uncover your true identity, the one that’s buried underneath the fragmental parts of you. 


Remember when you were a kid, and you would find yourself mimicking the characters you saw on cartoons or the superheroes you saw in movies? You may not have realized it, but even as you grew older, certain things and certain people have sculpted your character. Think about it. The siblings you grew up with, the friends you hung around, or even celebrities have given people a sense of false identity. What you must understand is that your authenticity is found deep inside of you. You sense it. Yes, there is more to you than meets the eye, then what you see in the mirror.  


You can take steps to discover who you are; this is not done by becoming another person but by analyzing, discovering, and unveiling your identity. What makes YOU stand out from the crowd! What makes someone else stand out from You? When you do the hard work to discover self, you not only become effective in your purpose, but you gain confidence and self-efficacy and set into motion the aspiration for those around you to unlock the door to unearth their authenticity.


  • Recognize that there is something more to you. 

  • Be okay with NOT being like other people, even if it means not being accepted.

  • Discovering your AUTHENTIC SELF is a process, and there will be uncomfortable moments. 

  • Know that someone is dedicated to walking with you through the process of becoming you authentically.


This Is Where Healing and Transformation Begins


I am here to support you in the process of transformational growth.  To facilitate discovering your life’s purpose, becoming more assertive, thriving in life while appreciating, and experiencing success. I am here to support you through the process of ‘Self-Discovery.’ I’m here to jointly work with you in exploring and identifying the nucleus concerns that will inform my support in helping you to move towards transformation and healing.  That’s the counseling process.  That’s the therapeutic process.  


I am here to walk you through self-discovery steps,  supporting the process of bringing peace into confusion, transforming pain into harmony, and hurt into healing. 


Disclaimer:  This is a resource that provides information, not advice.  It is vital that you connect with a specialist before taking or refraining from any action based on this resource’s information.

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  1. Eric

    this is true for me. I struggle sometimes with understanding my identity and authenticity, but I feel like if I embrace it, I won’t be intimidated by anything

    1. atruth180

      Hello, and thank you for your feedback. The struggle you describe is real. We all face this uncertainty, but there is good news, we have an opportunity to overcome that fear and engage in the process of getting to know ourselves. When we do the WORK and embrace it, as you have clearly stated – the things that once caused intimidations, fear, and anxiety in our lives no longer receive the energy we once gave.

      Be well Eric. Keep listening. Love the feedback!

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