Connecting with a Teenager

By Angela Robertson 12/16/2020

Connecting with a Teenager

To be honest, the teenage years are rough. They deal with hormones, stress, peer pressure, puberty, and a plethora of others things. On top of that, as the times change, we as adults can sometimes forget what it was like. Teens are influenced by many different factors, such as social media, online gaming, movies, and television. These things can shape their outlook on the world and their attitude towards it. For this reason, many families see a generational gap between the adults and teens. That’s why it is important to gain understanding of your teen so that you can give them proper instruction on how to tackle the world with their interests, talents, and skills.

The purpose behind connection

Connection is the foundation of all relationships. No matter who or what a person is connected to, they will always be led to something. Connection is necessary at the relational level because it helps us grow in our identity and purpose. When teens connect with the right people, they have a better chance of excelling in life because of who stretched, pushed, and cared for them.

Ways to connect with a teen

Connecting with a teen can be somewhat challenging, as they somewhat develop a sense of independent thinking. However, with the proper communication, they can be accepting of a different way of thinking by expanding their perspectives. Here are some ways you can connect with your teenager:

  • Get to know them

What do you know about your teenager? What do they like? Who do they hang out with? What do they think about life? There are many things that revolve around a teen’s head. Learning their interests and perspectives are a great way to interact with them, because you’ll understand where their mind is at. It’s imperative to get them comfortable enough to be transparent without judging or dismissing them, so that they will be open to the way that you think. 

  • Quality Time

One of the best things you can do with a teen is spend quality time with them. Surprising right? Most teens would rather hang out with their friends. As a parent or guardian, this is commonly a difficult thing to do. Many teens feel embarrassed or bothered when you want to spend time with them. This is where you take the lead.  Whether it be hanging out, doing one of their favorite activities, or taking them on a trip, a teen is bound to enjoy the moment with you if you know what they like.

  • Encourage them

A lot of the time, we don’t encourage teens the way we should. They’ll mess up. They’ll make mistakes. Just like we aren’t perfect, neither are they. With this in mind we have to assure them that the trials they deal with can be overcome. Nothing in this world will be TOO hard for them. If you let them know that they can achieve whatever they put they’re mind to, they will believe it. Remember to compliment the good things you see in them, and acknowledge their achievements. All of these things will influence them to stay on the path that is necessary for their prosperity!

These are just a few way to connect with a teenager. If you allow them to be themselves, they will be open to advice, guidance, and transparency. 

Disclaimer:  This is a resource that provides information, not advice.  It is vital that you connect with a specialist before taking or refraining from any action based on this resource’s information.

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