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Episode 8: Dealing with Panic and Anxiety in Different Scenarios

Air Date 1/18/2022

In everyday life, we may run across moments that cause turmoil and distress. Something that is most common among humans is anxiety and panic attacks. Oftentimes, we do not consider the necessary steps it takes to subside these feelings. Instead, we focus on the things that fuel it. With that being said, it is important to take this into consideration: how do we tame anxiety?

Taming anxiety is not an easy task. In fact, it feels like a job.  However, we must deal with it. In this episode, we discuss what anxiety and panic attacks are, and how they are dealt with. By embracing these experiences, we overcome them.

Dealing with Panic and Anxiety in Different Scenarios

Episode 7: The Relationship to Critical Thinking and Social Emotional Well-being

Air Date 1/17/2022

Critical thinking is defined as the analysis of facts to form a critical judgment. Understanding that making decisions in challenging situations calls for critical thinking, we begin to explore the ways it affects school students. I spoke with two Southern University students to discuss the necessity of critical thinking and how it aids the mind of those who rely on it both naturally and academically.

The Relationship to Critical Thinking and Social Emotional Well-being

Episode 6: Coping and COVID: A Conversation with Gen Z

Air Date 12/1/2021

COVID-19 has taken a toll on the global population.  The election struck lightning in the USA. Social divide and racial outrages were everywhere. We’ve faced many tribulations during the course of 2020 and 2021. However, it’s been interesting observing how some of the younger generations have been coping with it. Today, I spoke with three young adults in Generation Z to get their opinion on the pandemic, social crisis, and election. Being first time voters, you will find that they were not only passionate, but heavily affected by the current state of the nation.

Episode 5: Conversations: Candid About Dealing with COVID-19

Air Date: 11/23/2021

Today, I am speaking with two single mothers who describe their experiences during COVID-19, and how they are navigating through it.  

Episode 4: Tell Me Something Good

Air Date: 11/2/2021

🎶Don’t nobody bring me, no bad news!🎶” –The Wiz (1978)

Have you ever had days that were so bad that you wanted to hear some good news to alleviate your bad mood? Life has many of those days. We often want good news to arrive in the midst of atrocity in order to ensure that things are going to be okay. Good news is what assures us that we don’t have to worry about the outcome of a subject matter, or an occurrence. There is a feeling of relief whenever there is clarity. With that being said, we must ask ourselves: why do good things matter to us? The answer is simple. Good news does not just encourage us, but it redirects our steps. It’s what empowers us to not just spread the good news, but do good for those around us. In doing so, we are able to transform their lives because of the good in ours! How can YOU do good? Let’s find out!

Episode 3: Authentically You

Air Date: 10/20/20

In episode 1, we talked about embracing your identity. In this episode, we’ll talk about what makes your identity authentic. 

This world is full of people that hurt each other. The important thing is that we learn how to stop hurt from defining us. We were all wonderfully and fearfully made! When people insult you, you have no reason to believe them. Sometimes we have moments where we’re vulnerable, and insults get to us. However, you have to understand that no matter what people say, you will always be YOU! That means you can do certain things well that others can’t. You can certain say things better than others can. You can be what people wish they could be, and they don’t like it. When you start to understand the authenticity of your personality, your skills, and your mind, it will start to unlock things in you that you never knew you had. The more you realize that, the less insults will affect you. You have to remember that the sole purpose of insults are to stop you from unlocking your true self, but you can’t let that happen. You have to start accepting who you are, so that you can grow into who you WILL BE! In this podcast, we will discover ways that you can unlock the authenticity of your identity.

Episode 2: The Importance of Your Character

Air Date: 10/7/20

It is so hard to experience life when hardships are always coming your way. It seems like it is hard to maintain your peace because of what is happening around you. Trust me, I know. Sometimes it is hard to understand why life is so unfair. You might even wonder why you feel so isolated, unnoticed, or even neglected. Do not take it personally. The reason why those things happen is because you would be in much more trouble if your talents, intellect, or beauty were exposed too soon. You must remember that you were created for a purpose, and the hardships in life come to stop you from discovering your purpose. You were made to receive prosperity. That’s why you have to trust the process. It may not be easy, but when you have the patience to handle the minimum, you’ll be able to handle the abundance later on. When the time comes, you’ll have the capacity to handle what you’ve been waiting for. The acknowledgement, the recognition, and the spotlight. Be strong and courageous, beloved. Do not be discouraged, and do not be afraid. 

Episode 1: Embracing your Own Identity to Strengthen Others

Airdate: 10/1/2020

Why is it important to live in unity? Why is it important to live around council? Why is it important to grow? These are questions that I am here to answer. We know that life has many trials and tribulations. It is important to understand who you are so that you can handle what you are up against. When we experience hurt, often times we don’t confront it, and because of that it grows into something worse.  However, when you let go of traumatic moments, you are able to embrace more of your identity. That’s why it’s imperative to address trauma! When trauma is addressed, the healing process begins. Through healing, you’ll find that your strength doesn’t just raise YOUR confidence, but OTHERS around you! In this podcast, I will address the causes of trauma, the drawbacks of letting it grow, and ways to heal from it. 

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