Child & Adolescent Counseling

Childhood and adolescents include a wide range of developmental challenges as well as growth opportunities. A-TRUTH therapists connect well with kids and teens using therapeutic tools designed to support healthy resolution of trauma, emotional expression, and relational skills. Our therapists use empirically validated techniques and its creative treatment methods for younger kids that include sand tray, play, art, music, and drama therapy. Teens engage in the use of the arts, but are also equipped in the process of problem solving, solution-focused strategies, develop positive core beliefs that build positive self-esteem, and work with a clinician and coach in the social-emotional learning process. 

Couple & Family Counseling

Relationships need to have at least a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative experiences in order to be supportive, constructive and life-giving. In the flow of inevitable life stressors, our intimate partnerships or our family life can become challenging, and even destructive. A-TRUTH therapists help couples, or family members identify strengths in themselves and one another that allow for resilience to emerge for the individuals involved. We facilitate the process for couples or families to engage in healthy dialogue setting the stage for problem-solving. Transformative healing takes place as couples and families engage authentically in the process.

Individual Therapy

The late Dr. M. Scott Peck asserted in his classic work The Road Less Traveled, “Life is difficult.” He went on to state that the sooner we accept that life will be filled with challenging and even painful experiences the easier it will be to find balance, growth, and the ability to freely give and receive love. At any age, we can use a compassionate, trained companion to help us sort out how we are stuck in negative patterns of thinking and behaving. Understanding the source of our current life stressors, identifying current strengths, and areas where we need new skills can transform life’s obstacles into meaningful growth.

Community Based Services

Flexibility is key as counseling services may not always take place in our offices. In the case of COVID-19 our therapists are available to meet via our secure HIPAA compliant platform. Once the stipulations are lifted therapists will be able to meet with clients in their chosen community location and/or home setting if the need arises. While confidentiality is always a primary concern, the comfort of the client is also key in being able to identify and express their thoughts and feelings which lead toward growth, healing and recovery. This could mean a therapy session can take place outside while walking in a park or neighborhood, in a quiet corner in a coffee shop, in your living room, or at your kitchen table. Our office location and campus offers these settings as well.

Community Education

At A-TRUTH education and training is essential. It is important for our continual growth and it is equally important that our community is able to reap the benefits from our expertise. Clinicians are skilled and highly trained in developmental theory, treatment modalities, and the integration of intellectual, physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual resources to support recovery. At the same time, they have a wide variety of specialized knowledge, skills, and tools that can be taught through community-based Psycho-Educational offerings. Topics range from aging gracefully, coping with grief, effective parenting, dealing with stress, depression or anxiety, mindfulness, conflict resolution, the power of forgiveness, to Suicide Prevention Training and Mental Health First Aid.

Teacher reading a book with a class of preschool children

School and Career Counseling Program

A-TRUTH School Counseling is available. We offer access to high-quality mental health services, post secondary counseling and career counseling to the community as well as work with schools to offer the same. Our process supports schools in establishing a healthy foundation of culture that promotes student development and achievement. Our school program focuses on social-emotional and mental health issues among school-aged students while at the same time working with school personnel and parents to equip them with resources needed to assist students experience success in and outside the classroom.