The Healing Process —Tell Me Something Good!

By Angela Robertson 11/2/2020

The Healing Process

Healing, the process of being made whole, of becoming sound and healthy.  Life can sometimes seem unfair.  We experience hurt, unfortunate circumstances, broken promises, and set-backs; all of these experiences can hinder our mental strength.  

We are fragments seeking to be made whole. What part or part(s) of you need healing; the little girl or little boy who’s parent(s) wasn’t there while growing up? The divorced woman or man who doesn’t feel loved. The Veteran who feels betrayed?  The widow who feels alone?  Fragments, desiring healing.

Some people are able to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and keep it moving – others can’t find the will or strength to go on.  But everyone who suffer from any type of hurt, pain or brokenness (that’s all of us) can use some healing.  

Believe it or not, we all have experienced trauma (a deeply, destressing experience).  The way we handle these encounters are as different and as unique as each individual. Any deep or destressing event is a traumatic event and the brain is keeping the score.  Pause and notice how you react in different situations.  What’s your response when you are cut off by another driver, when there has been an injustice done and you, or if someone said something you did not like?  If your behavior is exaggerated – there’s likely to be an unresolved issue or two, or three that’s hanging out in your frontal lobe part of your brain; that’s causing a reaction under normal conditions would not be the same response.  This is the part of the brain where the thinking, memory, behavior and movement happens. 

We have to process those things that trigger our retorts. Some causes may  be verbal, some may be of a physical nature, some of it might even be social. Ultimately, all of those factors are received mentally, and because of that you start to react in response to it.

Perhaps there are situations that have happen and you don’t want to think about or relive it.  If your reactions are causing other issues in your life its time to seek healing from the past.  The things you thought were over left remnants, and the brain is storing it; so when you become overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or annoyed, the past hurt comes pouring out. You had no idea where your reactions came from – you were just mad (at that moment).  The reality is, if you have never comforted or directly dealt with previous life’s events it still has some hold on you.  Relinquish your trauma, your past to begin the healing process! 

We eagerly work on increasing our career and social skills, and our physical health, but rarely do we take the time to assess our mental health. Mental health is important because it determines how well we do all of the other  things!  

Be intentional about creating space to grow (wherever you are planted).  Be intentional about strengthening yourself so that you can strengthen others. Be intentional about healing the fragments in your life that need to be made whole. 

I am here to support you in the process of transformational growth. To help you discover your life’s purpose. To help you become stronger. Thrive in life while appreciating success. I am here to support you through the process of safely dealing with a past you continue to carry with you, no matter how hard you have tried to leave it behind. We will explore transformation and healing. That is the therapeutic Process. 

I am here to walk you through transforming pain into peace, hurt into healing, and rejection into redemption.


Disclaimer:  This is a resource that provides information, not advice.  It is vital that you understand, you should connect with a specialist before taking or refraining from any action based on the information in this resource. 


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