Trust the Process! Authentic - TRUTH

By Angela Robertson 10/27/2020

Trust the Process! 

Has the world, through the conduct of humanity, produced a dimness over truth?  Trust is complicated for some of us, but the reality, as much as we may attempt to hide, TRUTH – cannot be hidden.  TRUTH is light; while evil cannot comprehend it and try to hide it, it will eventually reveal itself.


Painful and traumatic events have happened in the past. No matter how hard we try to forget about them, our attempts to mask, disguise, or even repeat words of affirmation, the past’s unconsciousness and emotions will expose themselves through our actions, especially when under pressure. I’ve come to realize that the strongest desire of the challenges we’ve faced is to uncover the truth.  Our pain and hurt want exposure so that we can heal.  The body wants to be whole—mind, body, and soul.


“Trust the Process” is all about learning how to listen to our inner-being. We are trusting ourselves to hear what our body is saying to us.  Our inner being is continuously speaking, and we are often too busy to give our attention to it or too frightened to listen.  It’s asking for healing, it’s asking for peace, it’s requesting freedom from the bondage of the past. 


I chose to take a personal journey to allow myself to heal. While on the expedition, I became aware that others had a desire to be set-free and live their authentic lives.


You are an extraordinary and uniquely created individual who has experienced life. We live in a world with other human beings, which makes us bound to experience hurt in some form. We could have been called derogatory names or have been through sexual/domestic violence. We may have lived in an abusive home, been involved in abusive relationships, seen community violence; we may have witnessed or even continuously hear of gun violence. Some have experienced assault, bullying, divorce, death, betrayal, experienced rejection, lied on, been involved in a vehicular accident, and experienced natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires, tornados, or earthquakes.  All of us will experience something that will cause mental damage. That’s called “TRAUMA.” Traumatic events are marked by feelings of helplessness, the threat of serious injury, or death. These all impact us socially, emotionally, and mentally. Just as we use resources to heal from our physical damages, we must begin to take critical steps to recover from our mental ones.

  • Commit to no longer be defined by others, by your pain, past relationships, and traumatic experiences.

  • Give yourself permission and time to address any brokenness.

  • Healing starts with confrontation – Confront the pain and subdue it with professional support.

  • Be intentional about creating space in your life to heal. You can draw strength from the pain. Remember, strength is made perfect in weakness.

I am here to support you in the process of transformational growth. To help you discover your life’s purpose. To help you become stronger. Thrive in life while appreciating success. I am here to support you through the process of safely dealing with a past that you continue to carry with you, no matter how hard you have tried to leave it behind. We will explore transformation and healing. That is the therapeutic Process. 


I am here to walk you through transforming pain into peace, hurt into healing, and rejection into redemption.


Disclaimer:  This is a resource that provides information, not advice.  It is vital that you connect with a specialist before taking or refraining from any action based on this resource’s information.

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