Uniquely You

By Angela Robertson 10/29/2020

Your Uniqueness

Your uniqueness is a quality or characteristic that identifies you from anyone else.  Each of us has something that we possess, and it belongs only to us, and no one can change it or take it away. However, what is unique about us can be observed by others who may or may not appreciate our uniqueness and thus begin to rename it and call it something that is not.  Some will label our essence.  Labels are phrases or descriptive words that classify someone or something.  They are ‘Unique‘ and give information about that person or thing, whether truthful or fallacious.   


When it comes to labels, there are exceptional ones, and there are not so nice ones.  Here’s something good about brands, labels, and titles; they differentiate, classify, and distinguish a person’s individuality; they characterize you. Even twins have something different about each of them. We all have something exclusive about us by nature. There are distinctiveness and exceptionality with each of us.  There was one of you when you were created, and there will always be the only one of you!


The not so niceties of labels are they are human-created. Some individuals are more than willing to place labels on someone else’s uniqueness with ill-intent.  Some will even choose to write a misleading narrative about you, causing harm—harmful branding.  Being smart, studying hard, refusing to put yourself in an uncompromising position of failure – just earned you the label of ‘NERD.’  Why is this?  Labels are placed on those who have unfamiliar accents.  People may receive a brand because of their distinctive and unique dress style. Some do not appreciate the uniqueness of another person’s features, skin color, or even hair texture and have the audacity to render insults.  Some are willing to write their narrative about another person based on what they have read or were told, not factual.  


These irresponsible behaviors can cause emotional and psychological damage.  When a person experiences such trauma, it eats at their confidence, its potential to harm a person’s psyche is increased, and an emotional impact is felt.  If you’ve experienced hurt and pain because of negative labels and falsehoods, you know how tough it is to recover. Recovering from such pain is not easy, but you can overcome it.  


It is essential to recognize the hurt and allow yourself to experience healing.  We must be careful not to let the pain we experience cause us to hurt others when we practice self-love and integrity by actively and intentionally being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising morals, principles, and values.   In contrast, by uplifting others, we open the door for self-healing and stop the community’s spread of pain generational hurt.


In life, we will make contact with those who will not recognize our uniqueness.  Be okay with being hidden from specific individuals; this is a level of protection for you.  There will be others who recognize our gifts and uniqueness and try to either hide, mishandle or mislabel it.  Don’t try to prove them wrong. But commit to practicing self-love and being a person of integrity by practicing being honest, consistent, and having uncompromising good morals and values; this will increase your self-confidence, giving you the ability to rise above all the harmful noise!


There will be people you come into contact with who will recognize your uniqueness and see your unique gift, your value; this helps you flourish; they are intended to encourage you and cultivate you!


I want to encourage and remind you that you were wonderfully and uniquely created.  Gifts, skills, talents, and purpose was strategically placed inside you to lead you to good things! Do not be discouraged by troubles you may face, by life challenges, nor by those who come to dissuade you.  Life’s challenges are meant to make you better, not bitter. You are unique not because of what is on the outside of you, but because of what has been designed deeper inside you. 


Whenever you feel like you cannot handle any given situation, remind yourself that you are an extraordinary and uniquely created individual. Remind yourself that though what sets you apart sometimes may feel like a burden, it is really what makes you great.  Remind yourself not to compare yourself to others; you are supposed to be unique.  Remind yourself that ‘you are unique, just like everyone else.’ 


Let the healing begin by learning to embrace your uniqueness and allowing it to shine through.  Let’s talk! Speak to a specialist today!  I am here to support you in the process of transformational growth. To help you discover your life’s purpose. To help you become stronger and thrive in life while appreciating success. I am here to support you through the process of safely dealing from a past that you continue to carry with you, no matter how hard you have tried to leave it behind. We will explore transformation and healing. That is the therapeutic process. 


I am here to walk you through transforming pain into peace, hurt into healing, and rejection into redemption.


Disclaimer:  This is a resource that provides information, not advice.  It is vital that you connect with a specialist before taking or refraining from any action based on the information in this resource.


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